Services: OSHA Compliance; & WC/GL/Property Loss Control; Tel.: 908.377.3811; Fax: 732.909.2604; Email:
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RSS Team
RSS staff is comprised of professionals experienced in a broad variety of industries. Our professionals have achieved a reputation for providing high quality service to each client. Our objective for each client is to have them view us, and the services we provide, as an integral component of their organization. 
We strive to satisfy our client's needs in a cost-effective manner, and we work with them diligently to be viewed as a part of their team. 
Staff experience includes tenure in the process, manufacturing & service industries. 
The credentials available, depending upon the requested services, include Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Healthcare Environmental Manager (CHEM), Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), Certified OSHA 10/30 Outreach Trainer (General Industry, and Construction), & NY State Certified Safety Consultant (Workers Comp Regulation Part 59: "Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention Program"; aka Rule 59).
Anthony J. Piniat (Esq.), CSP, CHEM, CHCM, NYS Rule 59/60 (WSLP Certification No: 03-0006)

Mr. Piniat has nearly thirty years experience in occupational safety & industrial hygiene. He has extensive hands-on experience within chemical & pharmaceutical industries, serving as Director, Safety & Industrial Hygiene at the factory, division and corporate management levels (multi-national). In his capacity as Principal and Sr. Consultant with RSS he has provided consultation to clients in a broad spectrum of industries.
He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) & Certified Hazard Control Manager (CHCM). He also is certified as a Healthcare Environmental Manager (CHEM), specializing in providing occupational safety & health support services in hospitals and nursing homes to assist them in achieving JCAHO benchmarks.  In addition, under the NY State Department of Labor's Rule 59 and Rule 60, he is certified as a Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention Consultant (WSLP #: 03-0006).
 He has received a Juris Doctorate in Law from Rutgers University , Masters in Safety & Health from New York University , & second Masters in Chemistry from Adelphi University .
 Mr. Piniat has been active in national industry organizations (American Hotel & Motel Assn.; Pharmaceutical Mfrs. Assn.; Chemical Mfrs. Assn.; Health Industry Mfrs. Assn.). He has been guest speaker at regional meetings of national business organizations. He has published in safety journals.   
Anthony Oreste, ASE
Tony has an Associate in Safety Engineering designation from New York University . He has a B.S. degree from City College of New York (Mechanical Engineering). He also has extensive continuing education in Risk Management and Occupational Safety & Health, and has held the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation. 
He has nearly 35 years experience in safety and loss control providing consultative services to clients in a variety of manufacturing, process, and service industries, as well as construction industry. 
He has developed numerous safety programs both for regulatory compliance & reducing claims loss experience. His experience includes: accident investigation; job safety analysis; facility audits; OSHA compliance; and management/worker safety training. 
 Tony has authored a manual for clients entitled: "Fleet Owners Loss Control Manual" for operation of large commercial fleets.  This manual provides guidance in regulatory compliance and accident prevention.  
Nicholas Galakis, Property Protection

A loss prevention consultant with 20 years of property loss prevention, business development and client risk management expertise. Experience includes senior responsibilities in: corporate safety and loss prevention operations management, overall account management, development and implementation of safety and property loss control strategies, international and domestic marketing /sales strategies, proprietary software development, and creation of unique client service products.