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At RSS, we recognize that all injuries can be prevented.  We are committed to helping our clients achieve a year-by-year reduction in injury incident rates until they approach zero.  We work with our client's line management to develop accountability, critical operational objectives, & minimum, acceptable standards of performance.

 A full service safety consulting firm, RSS provides its clients with analysis of operations, evaluation of potential risk exposures, and development of business strategies to minimize the risk of exposures cost-effectively.

Whether you need to enhance your revenues by controlling loss exposures, or deal with regulatory compliance issues quickly and effectively, RSS can help you make the best use of your company resources.  Check out our practice areas in the links below.

Our Philosophy:  

  • People  are the most important resource & must be protected;
  • Operating  exposures that can cause injuries or illnesses can be controlled;
  • Deficiencies must be corrected promptly. If not, risk of injury increases & credibility of the safety effort will suffer;
  • Safety  is a condition of employment. Every employee has a responsibility to work safely;
  • All  employees must be trained to work safely;
  • It's Good Business to prevent occupational injuries & illnesses. Accidents cost money and hurt employee morale.

Systematic Audits to Benchmark for Improving Performance & Controlling Risks 
Hazard Control & Injury Prevention Support 
State Grant-Customized Training: A Hands-on Approach 
Training & Coaching for Performance 
Safety Management Seminar Teaches Loss Control Strategies 
Effective Training to Enhance Safe Work Practices 
Industrial Hygiene Services for a Healthy Work Environment 
Support Services to Establish Effective Fleet Loss Control 
Litigation Support Services 
Human Resources Support Services 
Loss Control Support for Financial Institutions