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Control Costs with RSS Safety Management Operations Analysis

Today, six and seven-figure fines for safety violations have become commonplace and key management individuals are often held personally accountable for workplace incidents resulting in serious injuries to workers, or to the environment. Casualty and property losses can also have devastating effects on a company's profitability, particularly in a "hard" insurance market environment.  While most companies carry some level of insurance against such risks, smart companies pay attention to preventing such losses through well-managed, cost-effective safety strategies as a way to reduce their liabilities and costs.

Smart companies have retained Revelation Safety Services to analyze their operations and assess the financial impact of implementing an effective safety management and loss control program. Our business analysis service includes:   

q     Review your current operations and loss experience to assess business practices and performance standards to identify potential risks and exposures for overall safety and business continuity.   

q     Evaluate effectiveness of controls in place to mitigate against loss producing incidents pertaining to workers compensation, general liability, and fleet exposures.  RSS professionals will assess the overall risks and exposures and adequacy of respective controls in place against applicable regulations and industry standards.   

q     Develop a targeted loss control strategy that achieves steady, incremental performance improvement.   

q     Assist with strategy implementation with turn-key support programs to enable client's cost-effective marshalling of resources.   

q     Monitor ongoing performance to ensure sustained improvement.   

q     Represent our clients in all dealings with federal & state workplace safety enforcement agencies, as well as with insurance markets.   

We offer practical, comprehensive solutions to controlling costs and enhancing client revenues. RSS staff has extensive experience in assisting our clients in reducing losses in a broad spectrum of industries, including:   

q     manufacturing;   

q     healthcare;   

q     mining;   

q     utilities;   

q     construction;   

q     municipalities;  

q     entertainment;  

q     financial services;   

q     broadcast communications;   

q     hospitality;   

q     food processing;   

q     retail operations.