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Training & Coaching for Performance
Unsafe behavior often leads to accidents. Before unsafe behavior can be corrected, RSS has found that the performance factors and behavioral issues must be identified so the right training and behavior motivations can be implemented. Our three-part program helps reduce the accidents and motivate safe employee behaviors. It consists of:
q    Performance Analysis 
q    Coaching to Improve Team Performance 
q    Training

Performance Analysis



RSS will complete a comprehensive accident analysis to identify performance factors and behaviors that must be addressed to achieve improved performance. We develop a list of target performance factors and corrective strategies to reduce the frequency of unsafe acts.

Coaching to Improve Team Performance

We sample behaviors to establish a baseline performance level. This is followed by employee instruction; developing a performance observation schedule for supervisors; providing a worker performance intervention; conducting safety observations; and completing a post-intervention analysis.

RSS staff has extensive experience in safety training for management and workers, and we customize each training program to meet your requirements.

RSS has also conducted regional OSHA compliance seminars to provide management with an understanding of OSHA, its background, scope, requirements, and penalties for non-compliance. Our seminars provide instruction in implementing basic OSHA-required programs. Most importantly, management is given specific guidance on how to handle the inspection when the inspector arrives. A written OSHA inspection protocol outlining OSHA authority, and employer/employee rights and inspection do's and don'ts is included.

RSS also conducts seminars on establishing effective loss control programs and enhancing worker safety.

Consultative Support

We also provide support to assist you in your efforts to comply with recommendations by your property & casualty insurance carrier; or citations received from local or federal safety regulatory agencies.

Contact RSS to learn more.